Monday, July 06, 2009

Its been almost a month!

We have finally switched the whole house to using Mac computers....with that has brought us huge leaps and bounds in our capabilities and our finished product is even better than ever!! However, I still haven't nailed down my work flow yet, its yet to be mastered. I have to switch things over, and get used to the new Mac operating system (I've never really worked with it before, except for wayyyy back in college at OSU when they had Mac's set up in the Spanish Lab) Whew...that was a long time ago... anyways, Im learning. My blogging will get caught up eventually! There are several great weddings, cute engagement sessions, and adorable tots that I would like to post and show the world.... however, I have to figure some things out on this computer first! :) Im working on it! Hope everyone had a great fourth of July! We have had two weddings in the past week and a half, booked another wedding for October, and had an engagement session (On luckily a pretty nice 96 degree weather day...a rarity these days!)....its been pretty busy times here at the Crawford house!

We spent our Independence day this year taking part in the Boomer Blast, here in Stillwater...(slightly post-poned due to the storms, and mother natures own fireworks...LIGHTNING!) It was awesome! Luke was a tad bit scared at first, but warmed up to it by the end. Aside from editing pics, working on orders, and getting galleries up, we have also found time to take part in the Pawnee Nations Annual Veterans Homecoming dance (Luke and Jacey contested in the Tiny Tot contest, it was adorable!) We have also snuck away to catch the new 3-D movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dino's. It was action packed, scary, funny, and cute all in one!

Thanks to all of our Summer Brides/Grooms, you guys have all been great, we are always left with such great new friends in the end! We hope you guys have all had fabulous honeymoon's and may they never end! Congrats again!