Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Order Deadline!!

To all of our respected customers..... It is getting down to the final crunch time as far as Holiday shopping goes.... Please have all of your final Christmas orders to us no later than Dec. 15th, 2009. Any orders made after that date cannot be promised to be deliverable before Christmas.

Thank you all for such a wonderful year, we look forward to bringing you great photos of your family, (growing families) next year and throughout the years to come. We hope that you all have a great and wonderful Holiday Season. God Bless you all!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

More of Mandy and Jonathan

Orange Pride :)

This is Mandy and Jonathan, we will be doing thier wedding at the end of November. Mandy is a hardcore OSU fan, whereas Jonathan is from Georgia and loves his bulldogs. We had some fun on their playful shoot, we even got to use a football in some of the pics. We happend to time their engagement session just right, the fountain had already been turned to Orange for homecoming, so it made for a very interesting look, (I do believe that is the Orangest I've ever seen it.) OSU beat Georgia in football this season, so this lovely couple will be marching into their reception to the sound of the OSU fight song. It should be a very fun wedding, and we are excited to shoot a wedding at the OSU alumni center, that building is beautiful!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

One more...

Marla and Blaine

Heres a few shots from our most recent engagement session. I haven't blogged in a while. I will do a post soon with random pics from our most recent sessions....

Marla and Blaine will be getting married on November 7th, in Stillwater. We had a great time photographing this fun couple...

Monday, July 06, 2009

Its been almost a month!

We have finally switched the whole house to using Mac computers....with that has brought us huge leaps and bounds in our capabilities and our finished product is even better than ever!! However, I still haven't nailed down my work flow yet, its yet to be mastered. I have to switch things over, and get used to the new Mac operating system (I've never really worked with it before, except for wayyyy back in college at OSU when they had Mac's set up in the Spanish Lab) Whew...that was a long time ago... anyways, Im learning. My blogging will get caught up eventually! There are several great weddings, cute engagement sessions, and adorable tots that I would like to post and show the world.... however, I have to figure some things out on this computer first! :) Im working on it! Hope everyone had a great fourth of July! We have had two weddings in the past week and a half, booked another wedding for October, and had an engagement session (On luckily a pretty nice 96 degree weather day...a rarity these days!)....its been pretty busy times here at the Crawford house!

We spent our Independence day this year taking part in the Boomer Blast, here in Stillwater...(slightly post-poned due to the storms, and mother natures own fireworks...LIGHTNING!) It was awesome! Luke was a tad bit scared at first, but warmed up to it by the end. Aside from editing pics, working on orders, and getting galleries up, we have also found time to take part in the Pawnee Nations Annual Veterans Homecoming dance (Luke and Jacey contested in the Tiny Tot contest, it was adorable!) We have also snuck away to catch the new 3-D movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dino's. It was action packed, scary, funny, and cute all in one!

Thanks to all of our Summer Brides/Grooms, you guys have all been great, we are always left with such great new friends in the end! We hope you guys have all had fabulous honeymoon's and may they never end! Congrats again!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Wedding Season

The Crawford Kiddos have switched into "Summer Mode". Spending their days outside doing just about anything and everything they can fit into any given day. While John and I are out doing Weddings, or Engagement shoots the kiddos are....

...enjoying the outdoors with their Nana! Thanks so much to my mom who watches the kiddos for EVERY wedding or SHOOT we have. You rock mom! Jacey has definately become a pro at riding her bike lately, not quite ready to take the training wheels off yet, but soon. Luke enjoys riding in his Schwinn JoyRider, hes got pleanty of room to kick back and chill. Nan....well she gets a work out keeping up with them, and sleeps good at night cause they tucker her out :)

So, for those that ask, "Where are the kids?" or "What are your kids doing?" when we are away at weddings...this is pretty typical. I took this shot when I called them and said we were heading home from the last wedding...we met just in time at the end of the street :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rindy's Bridal session

With all of the rainy weather that we had here in Stillwater, OK....we had to keep postponing this beautiful bride's bridal session. It seemed like it rained for 3 weeks straight! Luckily, we had a sun filled day last week so that we could go out and take Rindy's bridal pics! They turned out great, couldnt tell that it was one of the hottest days of the year ....or that it was mega windy :) We had a lot of fun getting these pics done, and she looked absolutely stunning in her dress! Since her wedding was on Saturday, we can now officially show her bridal pic sneek peek! Thank you Rindy for letting us be a part of your big day! I will post some of the wedding was awesome! The happy couple are enjoying the week in the Bahamas right now...NICE :) !!

Monday, April 27, 2009

ACP's Stellar Booth

12th Annual Ladies Night Out Trade Show Booth

ACP had a booth set up at the 12th Annual Ladies Night Out Event in Stillwater, OK. This was our first time to set up at the event, and it was sooo much fun. We made a lot of new friends, and met a lot of new people! The event was put on by Stillwater Radio and Stillwater Medical Center. The people that hosted the event (Stillwater Radio) were so friendly and nice, and definately had a great turnout. We had a door prize, and one lucky lady won it! We passed out a ton of cute little candy bars with our info on them, and tons of business cards! We also had coupons out for those who were interested. So please, if you book a session and you heard about us from the Ladies Night Out event and have a coupon, please mention it when you book a session. Thanks to all of those that came out and supported us. Here are some pictures from the event! My mom and daughter were my helpers throughout the night! Thanks for bringing me yummy snacks and treats! Thanks to all of my great sorority sisters that came to show your support and love for ACP! Thanks to all of my family that came to visit too! We really had a great night, and will definately have to do it again in the future!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beautiful Senior- Pawnee, OK

This young lady is such a joy to be around. She is so silly and so fun and so REAL, and so BEAUTIFUL, I had a great time taking her Senior pictures. She is in a graduating class that has less than 50 students. She will be graduating May 22, in Pawnee, OK.... home of this years State Champions for basketball :) Not just one team, but both teams...the Lady Blackbears and the Blackbears! Way to go Pawnee High School!

Anyways, back to this beautiful senior. This is Miss Stevie Ann, such a great girl with amazingly beautiful eyes, and a great smile! We had fun talking about the upcoming prom, the NEW state champs, her boyfriend :), and college plans for next year!
Here's a couple of sneak peeks Stevie!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


John had a lot of fun editing this picture...he said it had a "timeless" feel about it...what do you think of this edit? Such a beautiful couple. It looks like it could be at an old train station or something.

New Blue

Tried out a new pretty blue wall with a pretty girl.... Stillwater High School's colors are blue and gold. We had a lot of fun trying to get pictures of Drew in the wild wild Oklahoma wind. This lil beauty is going to be a freshman next year!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Rindy & Braden

We had a great time photographing this couple. It was our first shoot with the new Canon 5D Mark II, and we must say that this camera is a dream! Rindy is absolutely beautiful, it is rather impossible to take a bad picture of her, and Braden compliments her so well. We are looking foward to their wedding in May!

It was a super windy Oklahoma day, and to top it all off, I think every girl scout in Oklahoma was on the OSU campus today, it nearly made the place smell yummy like girl scout cookies :) YUMM!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Project 365

It's crazy that its the first week of March, but already so much of this year has flown by. It's a little late, but better late than never... I am going to attempt to start in on "Project 365". Taking a picture a day, to capture my year. It sounds like a fun/neato I guess I will warn my family/friends out, apparently, im going to be taking pictures even more than usuall :)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cash Sheridan is here!

Here is my newest lil nephew to add to my "I have the cutest nephews" brag rights:

Take a peek at lil Cash's 1 week portrait!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost 1!!

Yes, I believe I have the cutest nephew in the world! Here he is, sweet little Aven King, looking ever so cute peeking through the bars at the park. Gotta love his long hair, his cute little dimple, and his handsome dark eyes. :) Thanks lil guy for letting auntie take your picture this weekend. You did so good! I can't believe he will be one next month!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Eternal Maternal Love

This beautiful Mommy-to-be is having a bouncing baby boy any day! We only had about 30 minutes to wrap up her quick photo shoot as she is in Nursing School Full time, and works at the Hospital all the other we squeezed in some much needed pics to capture her perfect lil bell. These haven't been edited yet, but wanted to go ahead and toss them up on the blog to share.....

Her scarf says "eternal love" isnt that sweet :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tracy + Steve E-session

We had such a great time photographing this lovely couple.  They had so much energy! He really knows how to make her laugh, you can just tell that they are in love!  We took them to several different places, and basically just had fun soaking up the sunlight on a mid-January day in the ever changing Oklahoma weather!  Here are some of the fun shots we got...very hard to pick out our favorites from this session, we loved them all!  Such a beautiful couple inside and out!

A Crawford Christmas...

Here's the kiddos on Christmas Eve!

And...This is our little family on Christmas Day!