Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Wedding Season

The Crawford Kiddos have switched into "Summer Mode". Spending their days outside doing just about anything and everything they can fit into any given day. While John and I are out doing Weddings, or Engagement shoots the kiddos are....

...enjoying the outdoors with their Nana! Thanks so much to my mom who watches the kiddos for EVERY wedding or SHOOT we have. You rock mom! Jacey has definately become a pro at riding her bike lately, not quite ready to take the training wheels off yet, but soon. Luke enjoys riding in his Schwinn JoyRider, hes got pleanty of room to kick back and chill. Nan....well she gets a work out keeping up with them, and sleeps good at night cause they tucker her out :)

So, for those that ask, "Where are the kids?" or "What are your kids doing?" when we are away at weddings...this is pretty typical. I took this shot when I called them and said we were heading home from the last wedding...we met just in time at the end of the street :)